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Immer wieder LOK

July 27, 2009

Sometimes we really wonder that LOK fans are allowed out unsupervised … such is their apparent lust for violence and desecration

The new season hasn’t even begun, and already the Probstheida team must start checking the fax every 10 minutes in case some police department don’t have enough tanks or warships to protect the opponents from the LOKies. Or  vice versa.
We know the club and the supporters take their treatment by the authorities in a very relaxed fashion these days, but just because the depressing regularity with which something occurs makes it easier to take, should not make it acceptable.

On advice of the police LOKs Sachsen Pokal match against Budissa Bautzen has been moved from August 1 to August 2. The somewhat surreal reasoning from the police being that on 01.08 Dynamo are at home to Nürnberg and they want to avoid any clashes when the LOKies change train in Dresden


Cause on the Sunday all the Dresden fans will be … ?

What they certainly won’t be doing is organising themselves for a cup tie.
And so for no obvious reason the police want to seal of Dresden main station on Saturday and Sunday, rather than just let the LOKies pass through on Saturday and then the police could have Sunday off.

We also found colleague Töpfers comment about “violent” LOKies and “aggressive” Dynamos not only unhelpful but just a little discriminating.

Oohh and a word of advice to the Dresden police…the LOKies are coming in mid-September. Were in New York that weekend, however, and so will miss the massacre that they are obviously expecting.

And their first match of the season against Aue II has been moved – indefinitely – because PD Südwestsachsen don’t have enough police.

Least we forget this is the same PD Südwestsachsen who 10 minutes before the end of Zwickau against LOK last season removed all police from the stadium, thus allowing for some ugly scenes, and the failed to properly secure the area outside the stadium, again allowing an unhealthy mixing of Zwickau and LOK fans.

Its also the same PD Südwestsachsen who let the FC Sachsen fans leave the Erzgebirge Stadion 10 minutes before the end of a match against Aue II, knowing that they had to walk past the home entrance, then stopped them all from crossing a small railway track right in front of the entrance, thus allowing it to come to some unwelcome fisticuffs.

And its the same PD Südwestsachsen who rather than ask for the identities of three alleged banger throwers amongst the Jena support following the Zwickau – Jena II match a couple of years ago, choose instead to rush the group on their arrival at the train station and then force the rump of the group into the station with pepper spray and horses.

Etc… Etc… Etc…

If we’re honest we don’t know which Presidential visit PD Südwestsachsen are guarding on 09.08, but we do know that PD Südwestsachsen are one of the better examples for a police department that regardless of how many officers they have, lack the leadership to properly manage a football crowd.

But rather than try and change that … the potential violence of the fans is used to justify delays.

The LOKies are no angels, but if properly managed they are also no real danger to national security.

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