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Season Preview. Dritte Liga

July 28, 2009

Though we try to present ourselves as a modern, forward-thinking outfit, when push comes to shove we’re just as old fashioned as a 4-4-2 with proper full backs.

And so our season preview.

Its  lazy, its obvious, but it’s important so that we can say “told you so” in 8 months.

Today the Dritte Liga.

While most commentators don’t even look beyond, Ingolstadt or Osnabrück, the two clubs relegated from the 2. Bundesliga, when nominating their potential champion in the Dritte Liga. We’re going to.

Because we can’t see past Jena. Why does a club fire it’s trainer, only to rehire him after his successor has saved the club from relegation?

Hopefully, because everyone at the club knew the trainer was doing a good job, he was well liked and respected … but the management loss their nerve.

René van Eck simply fits into the Jena mentality, always has, and with a new management team behind him, who equally know and understand the club and it’s followers, we see this as Jena’s year. It will be a shame to lose them to the 2 Bundesliga – but with a bit of luck we’ll get Cottbus in their place.

Apart from Jena we’re hoping for better bzw. much better from Braunschweig and Offenbach this year, and yeah, then there’s Dynamo. We like Ruud Kaiser, we like the fact that he has taken on the role of manager in addition to trainer – this is the Dritte Liga after all, how many layers of management does a club need – we think they have a chance. But we just don’t trust Dynamo. We don’t believe they want to be promoted; they just always seem so comfortable where they are, pretending they’re excited about another trip to Wuppertal and the like.

But we don’t really give the relegated team much of a chance. The Dritte Liga is simply too sticky to jump straight back out of.

At the other end of the table Aue are heading to the Regionalliga with the tempo of one of those appalling tuned-up cars that dominate the roads in the Erzgebirge. They’ve had a good run, they’ve played their luck well, but the party’s over and its time Aue returned to being a small, irrelevant local team. And no that’s not wishful thinking. Honest.

Aue will probably take Kiel and Sandhausen with them and the rest of the clubs will be bit players for the next 8 months, moving faultlessly between apathy, success and failure. But aint that what it’s all about.

Regionalliga Nord tomorrow.

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