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Season Preview: Regionalliga Nord

July 29, 2009

In a sporting sense the Regionalliga Nord has not looked so poor for a long time – in all its various guises. In terms of potential violence it has, in contrast, rarely looked so well stocked. That won’t please the authorities, but they created the monster. We didn’t want it – so don’t come crying to us when it all goes belly up.

But we’re going to remain on the field for now.

Now that Magdeburg have finally shed some of the more senseless purchases they made when they assumed that all one had to do to be promoted was spend, spend, spend they’ve got to have the best chance of winning the Regionalliga Nord this year. Sure there’s still a lot of very dead wood littering their training pitches, but not as much … and that is what is important as any league is won in the heads.

Otherwise?  There is no one  else.

Halle have had their five minutes, TeBe probably won’t have the legs.

Chemnitz?, Babelsberg? Potentially, but for us this season is all about if Magdeburg blow it or not.

At the other end, St Pauli II will probably be relegated as punishment for repeat offending, Hertha II will struggle again as will Oberneuland and Rostock II.

But as we say, in sporting terms the Regionalliga isn’t likely to create anything exciting. And will any one really care who goes up or down?

We think not.


Oberligasued tomorrow.

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