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Season Preview: Oberligasued

July 30, 2009

In the final installment of our season preview, we arrive today at the Oberligasued.
Our spiritual home if you will.

And once again prepare ourselves to swim against the current of popular wisdom.

Red Bull wont win the NOFV Oberligasüd.

Honest. They don’t stand a chance.

Why? Because, and without giving too much away, they are making the same mistakes and following the same flawed logic as a thousand failed predecessors.
And we don’t just mean assuming that money can buy you success, we’re talking much more fundamental.

And so in place of happy smiling faces, we predict carnage in Markrandstädt.

And in their place we tip Zwickau.

LOK are in too much turmoil at the moment. Much as we’d like to see them progress, there are simply too many internal questions that need to be solved to allow for any sort of continuity. FC Sachsen should have a good season, but aren’t strong enough to seriously challenge – much in the same way as none of the reserve teams will be any serious threat (except to RBL when they stock up with first team players)

At the bottom meanwhile Schott Jena, VfL Halle and eternal relegation candidate Pößneck will fight it out for the right to remain in the Oberligasued next season.

In terms of the sporting contest the NOFV Oberligasued is looking good, with a lot of very evenly matched teams and weekly derby’s to get fired up for.

That the competition will almost certainly be overshadowed by the “RBL question” and daily warnings from SKBs that have heard that some fans want to protest against RBL, is regrettable yet this season unavoidable and we’ll all just have to get use to it.

However, it’s going to be an awful lot of fun, and, as ever, we’ll be right in the thick of it.

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