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FC Magdeburg 1 : 3 FC Energie Cottbus

August 3, 2009

01.08.2009 Magdeburg.

Although we can’t remember a time when Magdeburg played in the DDR Oberliga, we can remember a time when they played in the NOFV Oberligasued, and fantastic days they were too.

We spent many an enjoyable afternoon and/or evening in the old Heinrich Germer Stadion, confusing security by not being from Magdeburg, but still being interested in the club.

That was back in the day when the new Stadion Magdeburg was replacing the Ernst Grube Stadion and since then we’ve attended the Richtfest for the new stadium, were there for the first match and have enjoyed several afternoons and evenings in what is now the MDCC Arena Magdeburg.

Or the 1700 Arena Magdeburg, for all you old Romans out there.

We were even in the lobby of the Maritim Hotel, Halle as Magdeburg’s Mayor and former FCM president Lutz Trümper discovered that his new stadium wouldn’t be included as a host city for the 2011 Women’s World Cup.

And so in the last few years we have developed a small relationship and nice little understanding of the situation in Magdeburg.

Cottbus, on the other hand haven’t played a competitive first team fixture in Magdeburg for 18 years.

And so in a way the Cottbus fans were the first to benefit from the MDCC Arena’s positioning and the Magdeburg police’s strategy for getting the fans to the stadium.

In short,  having brought the fans into a train station on the edge of a forest they then lead them on a tour through the delights of West Magdeburg.

The tour takes the fans through an ever changing world of landscaped parklands, early 20th century housing developments, allotments and an industrial park, thus ensuring when they do finally reach the stadium that they have received a in-depth introduction to the historical development of the area.

Once in the “1700” the Cottbus fans can hopefully look on with joy at how the Magdeburg fan scene has grown over the years, for all thanks a brief flirtation with 2 Bundesliga, that cam to nothing but the fans have remained. And proved one thing.

All this talk of football in Eastern Germany attracting enough fans to fill the Leipzig Zentralstadion/Red Bull Arena is twaddle. At 27,000 the MDCC Arena is big enough, more than. And that’s without taking into consideration the fact that a percentage of the seats can’t be used as they need to be kept as a puffer zone between the home and away fans.

That aside it is pleasing to see the developments in Magdeburg over recent years, long may it continue.

On the pitch Cottbus took an early lead, went, fully undeserved, 2-0 up Magdeburg pressed, harried, got back to 2-1 but then, completely stereotypically lost a late third and that was that.

We were impressed by what we saw from FCM, in contrast Cottbus looked easily unnerved.

A unmovable appointment  with a locomotive of the Deutsche Bahn AG meant we were forced to leave the scene little earlier than we would have liked and so we’ll probably never know what really happened when the Magdeburg hools tried to get into the “Cottbus” car park.

The MDCC Arena Magdeburg. (Or for all those old Romans out there the 1700 Arena Magdeburg)

The MDCC Arena Magdeburg. (Or for all those old Romans out there the 1700 Arena Magdeburg)

Stanislav Angelov and Catalin Racanel tussel. FC Magdeburg : Energie Cottbus, 01.08.2009

Stanislav Angelov and Catalin Racanel tussel. FC Magdeburg : Energie Cottbus, 01.08.2009

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