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05.08.2009, Leipzig

August 5, 2009

What with messing about with flickr yesterday we never got round to RB Leipzig.
Which in way turned out to be just as well.

For as just as every day brings ever more Michael “still dead but you wouldn’t know from the coverage he’s getting” Jackson, so have RBL unambiguously taken over FC Sachsen’s mantel as Leipzig media baby #1

As we noted in our report from the SachsenPokal match against Blau Weiß, there is no real, and certainly no permanent, indication that RB Leipzig have anything to do with the Stadion am Bad.

Then on Monday came the confirmation that RBL will forgo an official club crest until at least the winter break – every suggestion RB have made to the SFV having been rejected: which is inexplicable given that RB know it can’t include a depiction of horned, even-toed ungulate.

It also trickled out – and we admit here that we obviously haven’t been paying that much attention – that Red Bull is no “Verein” in the, let’s say , normal sense of the word and certainly has no interest in letting ordinary folks become members. DFB-Vice president Rainer Koch told Bavarian television he was “unsure” if RB’s statute complied with the DFB’s strict 50+1 rule which effectively dictates that the sport and the members decide how a club develops and no company, sponsor or other commercial interest. The 50+1 rule is for football fans the guarantor that football in Germany cannot develop as in, for example, the UK;  many club bosses, however, see it as a hindrance to a successful commercial expansion of the game.

Contentious hardly does the argument around the 50+1 justice.

In terms of RB Leipzig we can’t directly comment because we have neither seen the statues nor spoken to anyone concerning the matter.

However, when its true, and when they insist on having no crest, and when the club keep making idiotic statements along the lines that the fanclub has more than a 1000 members, they are simply playing into the hands of their opponents, making life unnecessarily complicated for their many friends in the DFB and for all showing a sloppy PR that one really doesn’t associate with Red Bull.

Sachsen Leipzig really did rule the roost when it came to generating their own negative headlines, somewhat we thought that would continue…but it appears to be associated with the Zentralstadion and not the club.

A curse?

Watch this space………………………

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