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Erzgebirge Aue : 1 FC Lok Leipzig (postponed)

August 9, 2009

07.08.2009 Aue

As we all know the following text should be a brief report from the opening match of the NOFV Oberligasued season 09/10.

It should describe a large police presence, sealed of streets in Aue, bengalos, smoke bombs, even more police and a long, long journey back over Chemnitz.

But it ain’t going to do that.

The truth over the reason for the postponement will, eventually, come to light . But for now everyone seems certain it was LOK. We’re not convinced, but also can’t offer any evidence to support our view.

One, perhaps, slightly interesting fact in the whole story is that on Friday morning C.  changed his plea to guilty in the case surrounding the attack on the Diablos Christmas Party in 2007

Now as we all know, an important witness in C’s initial trial was LOKie-in-Chief Steffen Kubald. And as we all further know there are elements within the LOK family who not only would much rather see another LOKie-in-Chief but who consider Steffen as a low down dog traitor on account of his evidence against C

And there is no better way to damage Steffen than through bad publicity around LOK. And yes we do mean the timing if Cs trial and the problems in Aue could be linked.
Could, we’re guessing.

The police will never get the evidence they require to convict any one over the attack in Aue – assuming it was an attack and not just the greenkeeper sprayed the wrong stuff on the pitch – and all involved know that.

They also know that for the time being all fingers are pointing at LOK at that when the match is re-scheduled and/or the Sachsen Pokal match occurs, that the media will once again bring up the attack and Steffen will have to answer a thousand media enquiries as to if he thinks there will be any revenge attacks.

Which will irritate him and force him on the defensive and deny him the opportunity to go on the offensive.

For as all are saying, such an attack has nothing to do with football.

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