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FC Carl Zeiss Jena II 1 : RB Leipzig 1

August 9, 2009

08.08.2009, Jena

In the course of the past week the expectations as to the number of fans who would be in attendance at Jena II – RBL has varied within the range 1500 – 2000.  Particularly amusing for us was Bild Zeitung’s emphasis that this would include members of L.E. Bulls – the first RB Leipzig fanclub.

In the end there were only 718 in attendance, 7 of whom belonged to the aforementioned L.E.Bulls.

There were a similar number of Leipzig SKB’s in attendance, although the only LOKie we saw works for the Fan Project, and even if he had caused any problems Black Rainbow were there in large enough numbers.

What they weren’t able to stop, however, was the sit down protest as the RBL team bus attempted to navigate it’s way into the Ernst Abbe complex and the flying bread rolls as the team came out to warm up.

Owing to a unsuccessful attempt to find a good perspective from which to photograph the Ernst Abbe Sportfeld we missed this and so we cant and wont comment on what happened.

What we did see, however, was an extremely empty guest block – although admittedly much fuller than it would have been had the SSV Markranstädt been to visit – and a RB Leipzig team that demonstrated so many of the qualities which beset the old FC Sachsen.

The match couldn’t have started any better for the Jena fans, with Ullmann putting the hosts 1-0 up after just 5 minutes. Against this comfortable lead – and despite the fact that “Hornochsen Markranstädt” (© Ultras Jena) had a greater share of the possession they never seriously threatened the Jena goal, save a miscued cross that almost sneaked in – the Jena fans had the perfect backdrop against which to protest against Red Bull.

In many way the Jena fans have now set a standard against which all other fan groups will want to measure themselves. In this context we would also question the wisdom of the wording of the match report on the RBL homepage.

In the 88th minute RBL did achieve the, for us, undeserved equalizer and that was that.
Save the somewhat grotesque sight of the RBL players going straight to their bus and departing the scene under police escort. And still in their studs.

There really was no need for such. The fans had made their protest before the match and although tensions occasionally ran high during, to assume it would come to a physical attack after the match is to misunderstand the nature of football fans.

We await with interest the announcement that all RB Leipzig away matches in the future will be played behind closed doors.

And so with RBL gone all that was left was the journey back to Leipzig – which we undertook in the company of two Bundespolizei SKBs. It’s nice to know our safety is of such importance.

Red Bull gives you wings

Red Bull gives you wings

RB Leipzig prepare for departure

RB Leipzig prepare for departure

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