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Monday, 10.08.2009

August 10, 2009

10.08.2009, Leipzig

Now that the season is finally fully up and running we aim to provide a weekly Monday morning  overview of not only the events of the weekend but also the press take on the weekends events.

On the field the two most obvious results were in Jena. The Jena U23 team’s 1:1 against RB Leipzig can in no way be taken as being a basis for predictions of future performance; however, the way in which the draw was reached and the reasons why RBL didn’t win – and despite reports in other locations one cannot simply praise the Jena keeper, the ball has to get that far first – do indicate that our “Curse of the Leipzig Zentralstadion” is a little more than a feature of our over fertile imagination. Sunday’s 6:0 drubbing of the FC Bayern reserves then completed a wonderful weekend in Jena. And an equally appalling weekend for the Bayern. We have enough experience not to get too carried away by a 6:0 scoreline, we all know how tired feet become at 4:0; however, the psychological effect on fans and officials at Jena should not be underestimated. Especially because the victory was not against a “rival” but against a team with whom the fans have a friendly relationship and so all will enjoy it a much more relaxed atmosphere. We just hope that there were more Bayern fans than SKBs in Jena on Sunday.

Elsewhere Erfurt’s 5:0 hammering at the hands of Ingolstadt probably shouldn’t have surprised that much, similarly Chemnitz’s 2:2 in Wilhelmshaven and FC Sachsen’s 1:0 defeat at home to Bautzen. Slightly more disturbing for us was Magdeburgs 1:1 in Lübeck, as it indicates a team still struggling with some ghosts of yore.

Off the field the two stories that should be dominating the press and causing discussion – the cancellation in Aue and the abrupt departure of RBL from Jena – aren’t.

Or at least in the case of Jena not real discussion.

Guido  does what only Guido can in the LVZ, while Bild Zeitung  – for reasons only tabloid journalists understand – have placed under their Jena: RBL report images of various outbreaks of violence in Halle. We’re also curious about the source of the anonymous photo in the online edition – we know where the various photographers were positioned, and there is no way that the Bild photographer could have shot that photo. But we know who could have.

And why they aren’t named.

And both Leipzig papers are firmly the opinion that RBL had to flee form the stadium.  They didn’t.

And if it was all so bad from the Jena block what did RBL do during the game to improve the situation? Neither Guido nor Bild supply an answer. Nor do either confirm in how far playing the main stadium would have avoided the abrupt departure after the final whistle. For as anyone familiar with the layout of the Ernst Abbe Sportfeld knows … it wouldn’t have. Nor would it have avoided the songs or the banners.

11 Freunde, meanwhile, go with the sid text  which follows in a similar vein. And, as with the colleagues above, doesn’t explain why in light of all the flying beer mugs and physical attacks nothing was done.
A clue can maybe  be found in the RBL live ticker:

84th Minute: The fans from Jean are singing “it’s OK to lose to Jena” … all very fair here. The normal songs. An anti-RBL banner. But no rioting”

88th Minute: “Short break in play. Jena fans indignant.”

And that was when two beer mugs were thrown and it came to heated exchanges between a couple of RB players and the Jena fan block. It all lasted about three minutes. About the same length of time as the three on-field altercations between the players lasted.

But, and once again, if it was all so problematic what did RBL do to improve the situation and why were the uniformed police removed from their position next to the Jena fan block?

In terms of Aue we can’t find anything.

But perhaps our favourite story from the weekend is the Dresden Morgoposts assertion that for Dynamo the relegation battle has begun.

Now that’s when you know a newspaper has truly run out of ideas…

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