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12.08.2009, Markranstädt

August 12, 2009

And so now we know how RB Leipzig plan to defend themselves – a higher fence and banning “unconstitutionalal symbols” (verfassungswidrige Symbole) in the stadium.

Firstly, why aren’t verfassungswidrige Symbole already banned. Throughout Germany such symbols have been banned in football stadia for years – why wasn’t that the case in Markranstädt???
And when they say “No entry for fans with “wrong” clothes”. Who do they think their opponents are?
It’s all very odd, and naturally doesn’t solve anything.

Perhaps more menacingly is RBL announcement that “In the future we will make use of our rights as stadium owner and refuse entry to all those who are obviously not coming to watch football”
Such empty, populist statements are problematic for a number of reasons.
Firstly, who do they mean, where is the line between someone who wants to watch football and someone who doesn’t?
Secondly it often results in arbitrary exclusions based on a false pre-conceptions, which then transforms a peaceful situation into a violent.
Thirdly, how do they plan to exercise this?

We remember last years encounter between SSV Markranstädt and FSV Zwickau – and the decision from various LOKies to attend the match.

As soon as they had been identified the Leipzig SKBs were quickly on the scene along with an extra contingent of police.
And what happened?
Blue Caps et al were allowed in the stadium, as that was the course of action that guaranteed the maintenance of the peace and the lowest police costs.
Which is exactly what the police should do.

And that’s what will happen on Sunday should any LOKies turn up and/or RBL decide that RedKaos shouldn’t be allowed in the stadium – and God forbid they have their “Perverse Menschenfressen” flag with them 😉

We remember a couple of years ago at an oberligasüd match when we thought we’d heard some racist singing from the home fan block. When we mentioned it to the club, the head of security told us that had he heard such he would have emptied the block. Although admiring of his stance we couldn’t help laughing at the thought of the police removing 800 fans half-way through an otherwise peaceful and troublefree match. We should also point out that we had indeed misheard an otherwise innocent song.

Ahead of all matches RBL should be looking to defuse the situation, avoid any unnecessary drama and concentrate on the sport.

Not raising the stakes a notch or two….

Red Bull knew that there was going to be a lot of opposition to their plans, and that makes their current overtly offensive and arrogant PR approach all the more inexplicable. And let’s be in no doubt, the reaction to events in Jena is predominately about the presentation of the club and it’s place in the NOFV pecking order.

And as to the higher fence, als jeder in Ost Deutschland wissen musst, wer Frieden, Sicherheit und ein glückliche Zukunft haben will, baut Mauern ab nicht auf…

It would be truly ironic if RBL failed on account of it’s PR strategy…..

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