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1 FC Lok Leipzig 1 : 1 Rot-Weiß Erfurt II

August 15, 2009

Leipzig 15.08.2009

We’ve experienced a lot in and around the Bruno Plache Stadium, and cut a lot more than on our teeth on the experiences we’ve made in Probstheida.

Rarely, however, have we experienced such a poor quality afternoon as today.

Fortuitously the weather was fantastic or else there would be nothing good to mention.

For us the afternoon got off to a less than perfect start thanks to a well intended, but less than optimal executed, Choreo from LOK. The idea was super, but the air was too still for the smoke, there were too few Bengalos, and too little conviction from the participants.


On the field LOK were awful, rarely showed anything that could vaguely be considered character and were certainly only a shadow of the team that won the same fixture 6:3 last season.

It’s early in the season, and it was a touch too warm for football, but if LOK want to make an impression this season they need to step up several gears – and if BSL want to make an impression they need to make sure they are punctually back after the half-time break.

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