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RB Leipzig 4 : 0 FSV Zwickau

August 16, 2009

Markranstädt, 16.08.2009

Firstly RBL are now called RBL-M, having somewhat inexplicably decided to create a new suburb;  Leipzig-Markranstädt.

Presumably when they move to the Zentralstadion/Red Bull Arena they will either lose the Markranstädt, or simply replace it with Waldstrassen Viertel

(Although even more inexplicably the stadium announcer did twice refer to some club that goes by the  name of SSV Markranstädt 😉 … obviously he needs to be sent to Salzburg for a bit of old fashioned socialist Reorientation.)
Secondly, and despite all rhetoric to the contrary, RBL-M have’t raised the height of their security fence. What they have done, however, is added a second layer of fencing in front of the home support. It’s not very high, but like a double oxer you ain’t going to get over it if your not particularly agile. Which we believe is a comment on the demographics of the home support.

And so the only fans locked in a cage were the LOKies; and although the quality on display was respectable, the numbers were too low to be any sort of serious threat.

What there was was two water cannon.

Although we were initially appalled by their presence after a quick discussion with some of the SKB’s the hope was raised that they could be used as an ad-hoc cooling system on a warm summers afternoon.

Sadly it wasnt to be, but it may be worth noting for the future, liebe PD Leipzig.

On the pitch RB Leipzig somewhat destroyed our earlier prediction that Zwickau would be the team to beat this season.
RBL-M were much, much better, and although 4-0 was harsh, Zwickau alone are to blame that they didn’t get at least a couple of goals. But despite the drubbing we still believe that Zwicaku will be setting the pace at Easter.


Off the pitch Red Kaos were once again a shining example of why they are amongst the best organised and disciplined Ultra groups in Germany. It’s hard not to have respect for those who sacrifice their free time for a team who play in a ruin on the side of a dangerous slag heap, and they do that with a finesse and a self belief that many other groups would do well to copy.

On the other side, LE Bulls had a noticeably larger group than in Jena, and three brand new drums, but still didn’t do much in the way of support. Indeed without Zwickau the place would genuinely have resembled a museum on warm Sunday afternoon rather than a sporting occasion.
And the banner calling for the development of tradition in Leipzig Markranstädt did seem to undermine the Andreas Sadlo’s assertion that the Red Bull would allow the fanscene to develop naturally and without intervention… or showed a poor grasp of marketing from LE Bulls.

They’ll learn. They all do.

And so as we cycled back from Markranstädt to Leipzig we reflected on …. nothing,  to tiring is an afternoon under the inhumane Sachsen sun.

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