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Monday, 17.08.2009

August 17, 2009

Our Monday started off with a treat as BILD Zeitung, in its usual modest way, made pointed reference to the 250 police officers on duty at RB Leipzig Markranstädt – FSV Zwickau and the two water cannons in the forest without embarrassing anyone by reflecting that if BILD hadn’t made such a hoo-ha about RBLs PR hysteria around the Jena match, and had instead coolly analysed what happened, why and how one can effectively stop such in the future there would have been about 92 police on duty and no water cannon.

Such is called a self-fulfilling prophecy and nobody does it better than the tabloid media.

The water cannons summed up the absurdity of the past week perhaps better than anything else.

Firstly, as any fool know, the escalation that has to occur before a water cannon is used is immense.

And we mean, huge.

We have witnessed water cannon often enough but have witnessed many, many  more situations where water cannon weren’t used. Mainly because their use would have been counterproductive and unhelpful.
And so despite the presence of the water cannon there was no real intention of using them, because there was absolutely no possibility that a situation requiring their usage would arise.

A fact tacitly supported by the fact that the things were pointing the wrong way.

From where they were positioned they would have to have turned round in order to have been sent into the stadium – and such machines are not built to be maneuverable.
And so the thinking must have been to use them in front of the stadium. Amongst the trees.
Yet, as any hool know, the front of the stadium is the bit that has the most plain clothes police around and where the most uniformed are stationed.  And getting a large enough rioting mass to justify the use of water cannon in front of the Stadion am Bad, would involve an awful lot of unobservant police.

And it was never going to happen.

As last years example with Blue Caps et al showed.

However, because RBL-M and Klaus Reichenbach don’t understand either the nature of the beast that is against them nor the nature of football fans in Sachsen, they assume that around every corner is risk to life and limb and put undue pressure on teh police to react.

That the police do so is a sad indictment on the police in Sachsen.

And so instead of mentioning the absurd decision to send TWO water cannon to an oberliagsüd match, a better focus may have been the order from the police to close the outdoor pool which gives “Stadion am Bad” it’s name on “security grounds”. A decision that more than one Markranstädter found hard to accept given the high temperatures and clear blue sky. And a  decision that underlies the hyperbole surrounding RBL-M.

High point of the Bild article however was the headline that the 2600+ fans were peacful.

So were the 2600+ at Lok on Saturday … which didn’t deserve a mention. Odd,given that the peaceful nature of football in the forest of Markranstädt is the main marketing point of RBL-M 😉

Elsewhere, the NOFV announced today that they have started a formal process following events in Jena.

Away from the scenic idyll of Leipzig-Markranstädt, Dynamo Dresden continued their typical run of apparently insurmountable bad luck in München, while Jena and Aue battled a goalless draw.

Next weekends Thüringen derby will be more than little ruined by Ultras Erfurts decision not to travel to Jena; however, given the conditions the Erfurt fans were being asked to accept we can fully understand the decision.

LOK were shocking but their fans seem to be taking it in their stride… how long that continues will depend to a great extent what happens next weekend….

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