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Monday 17.08.2009 – Update

August 18, 2009

Even we didn’t see that coming – and we’re blaming it on the sun stroke.

BILD Leipzig have calculated the cost of the police operation for the RB Leipzig Markranstädt FSV Zwickau match and decided it cost Euro 60,000.

“The costs are paid by the public purse, at the end of the day we’re guaranteeing peace and order. But we hope that in the future the associations will contribute” says Police Trades Union representative Matthias Kubitz.

We will never tire off repeating the following;

* The police decide on the strategy for each football match, and so cannot complain about the costs when, as on Sunday, so much of the costs were obviously unnecessary.

* The most important costs in association with the controlling of football crowds occur in advance, in the talks with the clubs and fan groups.

* Problems are most likely to occur after a match during the march back to the train station

* The vast majority of violent incidents on match days are between police and fans and not fan-fan violence

And specific to Markranstädt on Sunday:

*The water cannons could not have been used – there is no space in front of the Stadion am Bad where they could have been successfully and usefully operated. We also doubt if they could even get down Am Stadtbad. And if it had come to an attack on the Zwickau fans in the forest or in the park around the old folks home…what then? The water cannon were only there  because RBL -M and the Leipzig media made such a fuss about events in Jena, because Klaus Reichenbach completely over reacted and because all somehow related events in Jena with too few police.  Which is incredible when not negligent.

*The only risk of disorder in Markranstädt on Sunday came from LOK fans looking for trouble with Zwickau fans. Such can most effectively be avoided in advance through competent police work. Now there were a few “decent” LOKies there on Sunday, but all are known, all were well watched, and all knew that. And as with last years Markranstädt – Zwickau fixture, when there were an awful lot more violent LOkies in Markranstädt, the Zwickau fans were unlikely to be provoked by LOK. Anyone who has followed the development in Zwickau over recent years knows that violence on Sunday was never a real possibility.

* There originated from sections of the Zwicaku fan block several episodes of spitting – for all in the direction of Red Bull’s Stefan Schumann. Not only did RBL’s security fail to stop these, but no one from BILD Leipzig saw fit to mention them…. Weird that 😉

As we said yesterday self-fulfilling prophecy’s are a staple diet of tabloid newspapers – but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable or palatable.

And as we also said, when on such an inhumanely warm day the police feel the need to send water cannons to a match – please considering using them to cool the fans down. At least then the money wont be completely wasted.

Water Cannons in Markranstädt - would have been better used to cool the crowd

Water Cannons in Markranstädt - would have been better employed to cool the crowd

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