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KSC 1864 Leipzig 1 : 3 BSG Chemie Leipzig 23.08.2009 Leipzig-Knautkleeberg

August 25, 2009

One day, two Leipzig derbies. We can barely contain our excitement.

Especially because we have warm memories of matches in Knautkleeberg, a stadium that is genuinely one of our favourites here in the region.

Sadly the grain behind the pitch had been harvested, but the trees were green and full, the grass lush and deep and in the warm August sun the whole scene reminded us of a lost village in northern Catalonia.

Honest. We’re not just saying that to make Knautkleeberg sound interesting.

And it was nice to catch up with Diablos Leutzsch again after a small pause.
Even if they didn’t mention events earlier that morning in Gohlis. Thanks chaps.

The match itself started half an hour late as the referee was held up, but if were honest no one really seemed to mind.

And that is about all we can say, because  – what with the late kick-off – we had to quickly skedaddle to the Zentralstadion.
Sadly. We really do enjoy it in Knautkleeberg.


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