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Chemnitzer FC 1 : 1 Hallescher FC 28.08.2009 Chemnitz

August 30, 2009

Halle/Chemnitz is one of our regular jobs, and possibly one of the simplest and so most enjoyable.

Very little new ever happens, it’s all a bit Groundhog Dayish, and so we can sit back and enjoy the ride.

The slight difference this time was the Sonderzug for the Halle fans; which may sound like  small, unimportant change … but does, however, fill our hearts with a little trepidation. We’ll not say more, but just wanted to record our opinion.

On the field Halle got out of jail; and that Chemnitz failed to capitalize on their dominance is the main reason the club can’t advance out of the Regionalliga. It was so last season, and looks like it will also be so this year.

Off the field, the good weather had brought a lot more fans into the Stadion an der Gellartstrasse, which had an associated positive effect on the support.

The Halle/LOK block, meanwhile,  behaved as one expects – it will be interesting to see if the HFC Vorstand keep to their promise regarding Stadionverbots and Vereinesauschlüsse 😉 –  and the police in the stadium cut a much more professional figure than they had a few days earlier in Leipzig.

Outside the stadium and for all on the way back to the station,  it seems that Minister Bouffiers belief that central to good policing of football matches and a reduction in violence is communication between police and fans seems to have suffered another one of those unneccessary, irritating setbacks. We can’t comment on exactly how the situation at the back of the pack got out of control, but judging from where it started and the injuries received  – and based on our experience – we can hazard a good guess.

With the Halle fans gone in their Sonderzug, and as ever with evening kick-offs in Chemnitz a long wait for our train, we headed downtown to the Chemnitz Stadtfest.

Now while we always enjoy our visits to football in Chemnitz, the same sadly can’t be said for the town itself is. We’ve just had too many dissapointments and problems.

And so it was somewhat fitting that as we arrived on Theatreplatz we were greeted by the third verse from  Keimzeit “Kling Klang”.

And looking around at the number of shaven headed jungs wandering round we couldn’t help agreeing; “Bloß von hier weg, so weit wie möglich”

And after a quick Langos style snack we finally got our wish.

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