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Rot-Weiß Erfurt 4 : 1 Dynamo Dresden 29.08.2009 Erfurt

August 30, 2009

What many people don’t realise is just how small the world is in which we move.

In fact if were honest, sometimes neither do we.

On Friday evening as we attempted to photograph a somewhat energetic “Platzverweise”  in front of Chemnitz Hauptbahnhof, an SKB not of our acquaintance started eyeing us up a bit funny like. Not fancying an altercation with either him or the close-by BFE out came the Presseausweis, a gesture that was greeted with swift and especially unfriendly “Dass wissen wir schon”

Which was kind of comforting. Yet also very disturbing.

Anyway, what we wanted to say was that on arriving in Erfurt on Saturday morning we were greeted by many of the same uniforms with whom we had spent Friday evening in Chemnitz.

Which tells you something of the work load of such Police units and also answers an awful lot of further questions.

The most important feature of the day was the relative ease with which Erfurt blew Dresden away. Rarely, only very rarely have we seen Dynamo offer so little resistance and fight.
We hope that the reason lay in the fact that the players thoughts were still with those injured in the car crash earlier in the week.

Low point of the afternoon was the fully unneseccary “Zigeuer Erfurt” from the Dynamo block, high point was in the 87 minute as Maik Wagenfelds header brought Dynamo back to 4:1 and was greeted with a chorus of “Auswärtssieg” from the Dynamo fanblock.

Worrying highpoint of the day came on the way back to the station. After a Dresden fan had been taking out of the group by the police, the Dynamo fans stopped and waited for his return (it was just a case of identitäts feststellung). The Info team did their best to try to persuade the Dresden fans to start moving again, appeals that were always likely to fall on deaf ears. And then all of a sudden they announced that the fan who had been taken out of the group was now on his way to the train station and would meet the rest of the fans there.

Even the SKBs laughed heartily at this oh so obvious swindle.

The police Info Teams are, despite their occasional banality and pettiness one of the better developments introduced in Sachsen in recent years: they still need to develop and mature a little, but in the long-term we believe they will prove to be a positive addition.

Unless they start losing credibility on account of such stupid, ill-considered actions.

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