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Hallescher FC 1 : 1 FC Magdeburg 26.09.2009 Halle

September 29, 2009

First it’s important to correct the official spectator numbers. Having bought our tickets in advance we were somewhat put out to discover that whereas the que for those with tickets stretched half way to Halle-Neustadt, the que for those wanting to buy tickets was characterised by its complete absence. And so rather than wait, senselessly, we bought new tickets.

The extra tickets only skew the official entrance figures by a percentage point or so, and the extra cash will certainly not be enough to pay the fine Halle can now expect for the short unterbrechung; but we feel for the sake of correctness we should draw attention to the fact.

The second point to make is that the match was appalling – truly awful.

We know that the Kurt Wabble Stadion pitch resembles a potato field just before harvest – that is however no excuse for the Halle and Magdedburg players to spend the 90 minutes excavating said tubers.

Quite how other media can refer to an exciting and exhilarating match is beyond us.

It was just awful to bear.

Equally as difficult to bear is the following confession: we missed the Krawalle on Straße der Republik.

Ausgerechnet uns.

After the match we hung around for a few minutes in front of the stadium, but sensing that nothing untoward was afoot we set of towards the FCM fans. After about five minutes, and without encountering any police officers intent on trying to stop us, we found ourselves standing in front of the FCM fans. Celebrating yet another discovery of extremely poor police plan we then started planning for the next day, our job done as it were…..

We heard the fireworks, couldn’t really understand why the Halle fans were releasing so many fireworks after the game but thought no more about it. For as we say, we sensed nothing untoward in the air.


We were however too far away by this stage to have reacted, and in any case only had our small camera.

The biggest irritation is the professional irritation. From all that we have learned until now it certainly sounds like a planned attack on the police.

However, as were not there we can neither properly analyse the event nor place it in context.

And that f***ks us right off at the moment.

It’s a bit like the striker who at 0-0 in the 91st minute finds themself faced with an open goal, and promptly blasts the ball over the bar – you keep asking yourself “how could I have missed it??”

A couple of possible “reasons” for the violence appear most likely, but as with all such events, the real truth will take another couple of days to appear.

We expect we will have to write a couple of updates.

Events for us took an even more tragic turn when we heard of events at Halle Bahnhof involving Magdeburg fans and the Bundespolizei. Again we were in Halle Hauptbahnhof – missed it all.
Najah, we all have such days.

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