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RB Leipzig 3 : 0 Lokomotive Leipzig 27.09.2009 Leipzig

September 29, 2009

Back in the day when FC Sachsen was Lord and Master in the Leipzig Zentralstadion we experienced  several wonderful and exuberant delusions of grandeur.

On Sunday RB Leipzig raised the bar a notch or two.


Just because you play in 45,000 seater stadium doesn’t make you important.

Or good.

Defining is the division in which you play.

FC Sachsen stubbornly refused to learn that lesson – lets see how RBL develop over the next year or two.

On a positive note the food selection in the press room was noticeably better than it has been of late.

On the pitch, LOK really should have been 2:0 up after 15 minutes, that they weren’t is probably the reason that RB Leipzig went on to win.

And as all who were present can confirm : 3-0 was highly unfair to LOK.

But aint that why we sport so?

Off the pitch Blueside Lok showed a previously unknown talent for literature –  our information is that the official LOK historian has had to rent further space in which to store the bound volumes generated. Sadly all to often the LOKies resorted to threats and abuse rather than proper criticism in their chants and songs. Such just sets the wrong tone and establishes the unfortunate and distracting “jealousy” argument that fills most RBL discussions.

The RBL crowd was suitably sparse, and once again should how little their fans truly understand the situation the club finds itself in.
They will learn. They might not notice they have learnt, but they will learn.

And the club may soon have their first problems with the RBL youth – if what we believe we saw on Sunday, actually was what we thought….

After the match the police operation was, quite possibly, the most professional we have ever seen at the ZSL. We’re not saying it was perfect and there were still a lot of problems in terms of communication.

But – and we don’t say this lightly –  we must admit to being more than touch impressed by the police’s plan – if not, as we say the actual execution.

And despite the police cordon LOK almost got their hands on the “Bulls Club” banner – a couple of traffic police stopping the final escape.

All in all an entertaining day , but not one we are particularly keen to repeat.

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