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FC Magdeburg II gegen Hallescher FC II, 30.09.2009 Magdeburg

October 1, 2009

30.09.2009 Magdeburg

What does a fussball verband who has no concept for dealing with potential violence do when faced with a potentially problematic Landesliga match.

They schedule the game for a Wednesday at 2pm

As we’ve said before and will no doubt be forced to repeat on a regular basis: wierd kick-off times don’t solve problems they simply give the impression of a problem solved.
And so it came to pass that whereas on Saturday over 10,000 fans watched a pretty poor Regionalliga match in Halle, four days later some 80 souls made their way to the Heinrich Germer Stadion to watch a much, much better Landesliga encounter.

One of the true joys of football in the former DDR is the way the fans are genuinely interested in all the teams who play in their club.
Because it is their club.
And we have spent many a relaxed Saturday/Sunday afternoon watching a second, third or even A-jugend match.

We do however understand that the authorities are keen to schedule such “high risk” matches when, ideally, the first team from the visiting club are playing. And up to a point we can accept that.

But the decision here from SAFV is simply wrong.

And it is wrong because it denies fans the chance to watch a match, is wrong because it risks severing the link between young fans and the youth teams and is wrong because it supports the impression that violence at the match was inevitable.

Had the SAFV done what they should have done and scheduled the match when Halle I were in Hamburg there would have been five times the crowd and exactly the same level of violence: none.

And it is unacceptable that the SAFV did not do such.

And the reasoning for the decision can in no way be considered a valid explanation. The SAFV must be in a position to soberly and accurately predict the risk from a given match. And when they are not then they need to explain why not and take steps to reach such a situation.

Equally unacceptable is the comment from Staffelleiter Ekkehard Kleye in the Magdeburger Volksstimme “Wir haben kein Augenmerk auf Zuschauer gelegt. Hätten sich beide Vereine auf 11 Uhr Uhr “>geeinigt, würde um 11 Uhr gespielt.”

Such a comment is fully unacceptable and should never pass the lips of a man responsible for furthering the game in Sachsen Anhalt. It should be his aim to ensure the maximum public audience for each and every match, yes while keeping an eye on questions such as security, but also fairness.

If Herr Kleyen is simply going to panic every time he see the letters HFC and FCM next to each other on his fixture list then it’s time he went into retirement.


One cannot advance the level of football played in the former DDR if the associations don’t help the clubs.

It is that simple.

And as we said the match itself was much better than that which we endured on Saturday. But the match here was of secondary importance.


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