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Abgehakt und weitermachen… update

November 11, 2009

Leipzig/Zwickau 11.01.2009

At yesterday evenings discussion round in the Zwickau Fan Projekt there were a couple of interesting points in relation to events during the Zwickau – Aue II match.

Firstly it was clear that the over-riding aim of all involved was to get the match over with as quickly as possible – and when you consider how quickly the Sportgericht verdict was reached the feeling of “Augen zu und durch” is not only confirmed; but one sees the police action in a new light.

We were at loss to explain why at such a potentially explosive match the police choose to go for a  “zero tolerance” policy against Block A.

We think we have solved that however.

Secondly the fuss that appears to have been made over a couple of flyers left us speechless and aghast at the obvious lack of experience and common sense in Zwickau.

If I’m going to burgle your house I don’t leave a note in advance to inform you.

As with “threats” in forums such flyers are about self-representation and ritual rhetoric.

Yes there was a risk of violence between rival fans, that was always clear, but the police should act on the information they have , the experience and intelligence they have collected and feedback from Verein and Fan Projekt.
A flyer with masked Zwickau fans changes nothing.


The Police handling of the situation in Zwickau was and remains a scandal, the whitewash since has been appaling and we find it inexplicable that the NOFV should have no interest in investigating what went wrong and why.

Und schon wieder “Juden” Rufe in Zwickau gehen unbemerkt und unbestraft…..

Ein echtes Skandal…

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