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Oberligasued 2.0

We’re back

Fitter, fresher and cheekier than ever.
And just a little more cynical, were that possible.

The reasons for our absence were many, but can essentially be summed up thus;

oberligasuedWe really, really, really needed to finish our books. We’re not quite there, but are in the home straight.

oberligasuedWe needed a break to regain the overview. We were simply in far too deep in far too many areas and on occasion ran the risk of compromising our  professional distance. We know that sounds conceited, but that’s how we felt.

oberligasuedWe wanted to switch away from the written word into images, and have used the break to prepare and get ourselves organised.

oberligasuedWe had achieved quite a lot over the previous three years, or at least had the impression we had, and wanted to stand a little more in the background, unobtrusive,  and observe if that really was the case.

The break has been hard, but was correct, and was worth it.
And now we are back.

And with a few changes for the social networking generation:

Oberligasued 2.0

Oberligasued Twitter: Like your personal newsticker, the Oberligasued twitter will report from which ever match, press conference or tribunal hearing we happen to be attending. Fast, accurate, and hopefully entertaining, with the Oberligasued Twitter you’ll never be far away from the action.

Oberligasued Flickr: In Oberligasued 1.0 we hosted a selection of our photos on our server. That was then. With Flickr we can share a selection of our work with you all, and all photos can be used without charge – just remember to credit us. And remember that the Flickr photos are not optimal quality and represent only a very small selection of our work. If you want the high quality images or want to discuss a project with us, please contact us over the usual means.

The full launchof will be punctual to the start of the NOFV Oberligasued season.

It’s gonna be great.

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